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2017 SOUTH ELGIN BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARDS                      

Categories include:

Rookie of the Year – New Businesses that Opened in 2017   

Business of the Year

Chairman’s Choice

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Nominations will end on March 31, 2018 and Awards will be presented in April 2018.


If you are opening a business there are a few steps to lawfully operate a business within the Village. Businesses do not need a general business license; however, there is a required New Business Process. For more information about required licenses click here. Separate regulations apply for home-based businesses to legally operate within the Village. If you have any questions, call the Community Development Department at (847)-741-3894.

Opening a New Business?

All new businesses must go through the New Business process. All businesses owners interested in locating in the Village and plan to move into an existing building must complete a New Business Worksheet.

If a business is planning on changing their name only, complete the Business Name Change Worksheet.

Opening a Home-Based Business?

Home-based businesses can be established in a residential district if they meet the following limitations:

  • The business cannot change the character of the residential dwelling; it cannot alter the building nor have signs posted.
  • The business must be located in the garage or home; a maximum of 25% of the home can be used for the business.
  • There can be no equipment that would not normally be used in a residential area and there should be no outside storage of materials or equipment.
  • Only one person from the immediate family can work for that business on the premises.
  • Retail businesses can only operate by mail or phone with no storing or shipping of merchandise on the premises.
  • The business cannot cause road congestion and the home must be used primarily as a residence.

Beyond the above limitations the following businesses cannot operate from a home:

  • Funeral Homes
  • Barber Shops & Beauty Shops
  • Catering
  • Antique Shops or Sales
  • Restaurants
  • Dance Schools
  • Motor Vehicle Body & Repair Shops
  • Nursery Schools & Day Care Center
  • Stables, Kennels or Animal Hospitals
  • Tourist Homes & Lodging Houses
  • Medical or Dental Offices, Clinics or Hospitals

Limitations on home-based businesses are listed in the Village’s Zoning Ordinance154.047.If you suspect someone may be violating the home-based business regulations discussed above please call the Community Development Department.

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